Manakin Nature Tours, the best birdwatching and wildlife photography tours in Colombia and Latin America.

Enjoy nature with us! Is not just Birding, are amazing nature holidays!


Enjoy nature with us!

Manakin Nature Tours Latin America


International Jaguar Day was created to raise awareness about the increasing threats facing the jaguar and the critical conservation efforts ensuring its survival from Mexico to Argentina. Observed annually on November 29, International Jaguar Day celebrates the Americas’ largest wild cat

In 1986, "La Hilty", the first bird guide known for Colombia was launched. Since then, its author, Steven Hilty, has not published another work of this kind for the country. Manakin Nature Tours presents an exclusive interview in which Steve

We know that we are still in difficult times, but we are gradually resuming our normalcy, so we want to share these moments with everyone, safely and carefully we can return to our birdwatching trips, we are here waiting for

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