Ruby Topaz
Tawny Antpitta
Birding in Otun - Quimbaya
Cristal Frog
Keel billed Toucan
Cattle Eagrets and Rainbow
Colombia Landscape
Buffy Helmetcrest
Fuerte´s Parrot
Orinoco Goose
Pink Grasshooper

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AMAZING Next Departure 2020-2021 / Unforgettable Birding Holidays
25 January-9 February 2021 / (16 days) - 2 Spaces Availble
5.070 USD / Single Room Supplement: 400 USD
All Inclusive Inside Colombia in High Quality Hotels - Max Group Size 4 Pax

A magical birding adventure on the Colombian mountains in Central and Western Andes that include the amazing Choco bio-geographic region in the medium and lowlands in Montezuma Reserve and Anchicaya Canon. Enjoying the amazing bird groups such as hummingbirds, Antpittas, Tapaculos, Tanagers and Fruiteaters and more of 450 species that are possible to see on this route.

Private and Personalized Tour Available all the Year! 
1-16 March 2021 / (16 days) - 8 Available Spaces
5.080 USD / Single Room Supplement: 530 USD
All Inclusive Inside Colombia in High Quality Hotels - Max Group Size 8 Pax

Colombia has approximately 1900 bird species, more birds than any other country in the world and this number is growing every year through new discoveries and range extensions. The security situation has improved greatly in the past decade and most areas of the country are now stable and safe for birders to visit. However, it is still very new destination and few birders have ventured here so far, although there is so much to observe and discover. It is impossible to cover all the birding regions of this amazing country on one trip, so by way of introduction on this tour, we will concentrate on the Andes and Santa Marta area. Colombia is necessary for any serious birder, though you can only hope to sample its extraordinary biodiversity a single trip.

Private and Personalized Tour Available all the Year! 
Colombia Birding Tours

Colombia is the country with the biggest amount of birds´ species in the world. With more than 1900 species, which 90 are endemics and more than 100 near-endemics. We have more than 20 routes all over the country and our professional team will  show you these birds in more than 90 locations of Colombia. We are expert local bird watchers and we are willing to watch birds with you!

Colombia Wildlife Tours

Our wildlife tours offer you incredible adventures for the family in natural and paradisiacal locations in many places of Colombia which are perfect to take pictures in wild environments and enjoy the nature; our expert biologist and ecologist guides help you to seek the most incredible mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, orchids, and plants in general. 

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We want to show you a compilation of all the hard work we have made in our tours. All the trip reports have a different format, but we always try to show a detailed list of the animals seen in every trip, pictures, and participants. After you travel with us, you can write your personal trip report and upload it in our web site. This section is an open window to our nature tours all around Colombia.    

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