Manakin Nature Tours, the best birdwatching and wildlife photography tours in Colombia and Latin America.

Enjoy nature with us! Is not just Birding, are amazing nature holidays!


Enjoy nature with us!

Is not just Birding, are amazing nature holidays

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Our Team


Manakin Nature Tours Founders


Founder and General Manager

Andrea is a biologist from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia. She is the founder and co-owner of Manakin Nature Tours, with a passion for birds, orchids, and nature in general. With over 5 years of experience in ornithology, Andrea has conducted scientific research on four endangered bird species: the Blue-billed Curassow, Recurved-billed Bushbird, Perija Parakeet, and Yellow-eared Parrot. Her work has contributed valuable insights into their biology and conservation. Additionally, Andrea has managerial experience in tourism.


Founder and Product Manager

Luis is a biologist from the Universidad de Tolima with 19 years of experience specializing in bird observation and scientific research on endangered species. He is the co-owner and founder of Manakin Nature Tours. Over the past 12 years, Luis has dedicated himself extensively to birdwatching tourism, serving as a co-leader and local guide for ornithology tours with renowned international companies. He has collaborated with prominent figures in the field such as Steven Hilty (author of “Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia” – 1986), Barry Walker, Nick Athanas, Richard Webster, and Frank Lambert, gaining valuable experiences and skills from them. In 2004, Luis received the “observer’s prize” from the BP Conservation Program for his leadership in a significant project focused on the elusive, Blue-billed Curassow. He holds a master’s degree in marketing from the University of Barcelona and is an expert in the logistical planning and execution of birding tours throughout Colombia. Luis possesses the capability to organize, lead, and conduct birding tours across all destinations and routes operated by Manakin.

Manakin Nature Tours Guides


Birding and Wildlife Guide

Alejandro is a French-Venezuelan empirical ornithologist, discovered his passion for nature and wildlife at the age of 8 in El Parque Nacional Ávila, Venezuela. With more than 20 years of ornithology experience, Alejandro’s journey began in 2001 as a field assistant on a survey of ethnobiological knowledge among the Shirian, a Yanomami ethnic subgroup. He subsequently worked as a bird guide and natural historian at renowned sites like “Hato El Cedral” and “Hato Piñero” in the Venezuelan Plains. Alejandro has led birdwatching tours for companies from the Americas, UK, and Europe, including Birding Venezuela with Chris Sharpe and David Ascanio. His research and birding expeditions have spanned Venezuela, with significant time spent at Parque Nacional Tama, where he explored remote areas such as the Eastern Andes’ last trail, searching for undocumented species like the Tachira Antpitta and contributing to the rediscovery of the locally restricted Orinoco Softtail.


Birding and Wildlife Guide

Cristian was raised in Pereira within the Otún river basin, developed a profound connection to nature from an early age. His education at a school focused on agricultural tourism in a rural setting laid the foundation for his passion. From 2001 to 2013, Cristian immersed himself in birding as a member of the ‘Aguilas’ birding group. He has since become a seasoned birding guide in the Otún region, with expertise in leading nature and mountain tours in the Parque Nacional de Nevados and the Otún-Quimbaya Wildlife Sanctuary. Additionally, Cristian has contributed as an assistant researcher for the Yarumo Blanco Community Association, supporting community-led initiatives in ecotourism and birding.


Birding and Wildlife Guide

Manuel is a certified guide with over 15 years of experience leading trekking and self-supported expeditions, specializing in logistics and planning for remote and rugged environments, particularly in the high Andes. A decade ago, a domestic accident temporarily halted his mountain pursuits, triggering anxiety and depression. Seeking solace, Manuel turned to birding and exploring the cloud forest, finding therapeutic relief and eventually attaining full certification as a birding guide. After some time, Manuel rediscovered his passion for mountaineering and embraced cycling and bike-packing. His deep interest in birds, plants, and wildlife solidified his reputation as a respected naturalist. Notably, during a bicycle excursion in the Central Andean Range, he discovered a new population of Yellow-eared parrots. Recent challenges compelled Manuel to take on a role as a park ranger, deepening his connection to nature and leading him to adopt Zen Buddhist practices, fostering a stronger spiritual bond with the forest. Now back to focusing on birding, Manuel incorporates compassion into his daily life, perpetually drawn to the untamed essence of nature.

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Birding and Wildlife Guide

Luis has been a resident of Bogotá for most of his life but moved to the countryside outside the city in 2019 in search of peace in the mountains. Together with one of his siblings, he founded their own nature tourism company, Mutar, which collaborates with Manakin to facilitate routes to the Sumapaz páramo for birdwatching. Luis developed a passion for birdwatching after gaining experience with various birding agencies. Since 2019, he has been hosting and interpreting the experience at Mutar’s Chiguaza Reserve, exploring the páramos of Usme and the Tunjuelo river basin. He has been involved in birdwatching science and citizen participation programs through his company AJAC, working with local environmental organizations and national authorities. Luis initially worked as a freelance local birding support guide at Sumapaz páramo and other birdwatching spots near Bogotá before joining the Manakin team in 2022. His company, Mutar, has also collaborated with the communities of Usme, supporting initiatives like the AJAC Foundation, a group of young conservationists. Manakin also contributes to these efforts through their donation program.

Fredy Cardona

Birding and Wildlife Guide

Fredy is a biologist and experienced mountain guide, lives in Manizales, the capital of Colombia’s renowned coffee region. Throughout his career, Fredy has led numerous groups through Colombia’s wilderness, showcasing his profound passion for nature. Over the years, he has cultivated a strong interest in the biogeography and ecology of high mountain ecosystems in Colombia. Since 2019, Fredy has immersed himself in the fascinating world of birding, collaborating with various agencies in the region. Joining the Manakin guides team marks a new chapter for Fredy, both personally and professionally. He sees this opportunity as a platform to showcase the beauty and significance of Colombian nature, emphasizing the importance of conservation efforts. It represents a significant milestone and a chance to contribute meaningfully to promoting and protecting Colombia’s natural heritage.


Birding and Wildlife Guide

David is a 25-year-old native of the Eastern Plains who has dedicated himself to ecotourism from a young age. At just 14, he began leading nature tours for international visitors. Certified in adventure sports, David excels in rafting, kayaking, rappelling, and canyoning. His interest in birdwatching started in 2018 in Meta department, marking a significant shift in his life. Under the guidance of Sergio Ocampo, an experienced instructor with over 25 years of experience, he progressed from enthusiast to a skilled birdwatching guide. Motivated by his passion, David explores new locations and engages with indigenous, rural, and farming communities to promote birdwatching as both an environmental and economic initiative. He is committed to enhancing socio-cultural development and views ecotourism as a catalyst for positive transformation in the region.

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Birding and Wildlife Guide

Alejandro is a biologist from the National University with extensive experience in ornithology and conservation. Coordinated the university’s ornithology group from 2012 to 2013 and conducted pioneering research on seed dispersal by birds for their BSc. Developed morphology databases for birds in high Andean and Paramo ecosystems at the Alexander von Humboldt Research Institute and contributed to bird data collection in the upper Bogotá River basin for an international NGO. Led conservation projects proposing new protected areas between the eastern plains and Amazon forest transition zones. Directed research efforts on migratory warblers and contributed to key ornithological publications and books, including “Colibries en Colombia,” “Aves de Casanare,” and “Tesoros alados.” Published scientific articles on Colombian avifauna and played a pivotal role in organizing national ornithology meetings. Since 2017, serves as Chief Operations Officer and full-time guide at Manakin Nature Tours, leveraging expertise to promote birding tourism and environmental conservation in Colombia.

Manakin Nature Tours Administrative Staff

Gabriela Diaz

Commercial Director

Gabriela is a business Administrator from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, with a solid career of over 5 years in commercial and marketing areas. Her professional journey spans across various sectors including education, pharmaceutical, real estate, aeronautic, tourism, retail, e-commerce, and fashion. With a deep passion for birds and a strong community focus, she stands out for her problem-solving ability, creative dynamism, and commitment to conservation. Her capability to tackle challenges and proactive approach in identifying growth opportunities drive the implementation of innovative strategies that positively impact sales outcomes.


Commercial Assistant

Elizabeth is a professional in Tourism and Hotel Administration graduated from the Juan de Castellanos University Foundation in the city of Tunja. Passionate about tourism, travels and exploring different cultures and places, she integrates her knowledge in tourism management with her love for nature in her role at Manakin.  She ensures that every step of the sales cycle is carefully planned and executed, leveraging her skills to identify client needs and provide personalized solutions that exceed expectations. She is committed to environmental conservation, respect for local communities, and fostering connections with Colombia’s beauty and biodiversity.


Logistics Director

Sindy was born in Chita, Boyacá, is a professional in tourism and hotel management, graduated from Juan de Castellanos University Foundation. She has honed her expertise in the public sector, serving on the team at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, and making significant contributions to the dynamic Boyacá Tourism Department. Her focus has been on the exciting tasks of planning and developing tourism, which for her, is more than just a job—it’s a passion. Sindy is particularly enthusiastic about aspects of tourism that have a social and sustainable impact. She is dedicated to creating exceptional tourism experiences that benefit communities and environment.

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Operations Coordinator

Liliana is a skilled professional in tourism and hotel management, graduating from the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia. With over 10 years of experience in the hotel industry and travel agencies, she has a deep love for nature walks and personal reflection. Angela delights in spending time with friends and family, enjoying the sound of a guitar, the comforting warmth of a campfire, and a delightful glass of wine.

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Accounting and Administrative Assistant

Ana is an experienced accounting and administrative technician who has been living in Tunja, Boyacá, for several years. With over 20 years of expertise, she focuses on assisting with the legalization of accounting and financial documentation, crucial for effective company management. Ana meticulously follows Colombia’s accepted accounting principles and ensures compliance with current tax regulations.


Graphic Designer

Santiago is a graphic designer from Fundación Universitaria del Area Andina in Pereira, specializes in audiovisual production and digital content layout. His innate talent for photography serves as his primary tool for developing content and marketing strategies for various natural reserves across the country. With over 7 years of experience in nature tourism, Santiago has collaborated with community associations such as Yarumo Blanco and Soledad de Montaña, focusing on ecotourism in National Protected Areas including Santuario de Fauna y Flora del Otún, Parque Regional Natural Ucumarí, and Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados.

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