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Wax Palm

Tree Nurserys and Ecological Restoration

Nurseries and Ecological Restoration Plans with
Peasant communities

Colombia has been loosing key ecosystems for conservation due to forest felling, human activities and the expansion of the agricultural boundaries, taking species of flora and fauna under risk.

With the Manakin nature tours crew we have identified people in the country side who is leading their own nurseries and reforestation projects in a local way, creating a positive impact in the local community, increasing the native forest and helping both: the forest and the biodiversity recovery. Some of those places are often visited by Manakin Nature tours during our trips but also are a placez where the locals can learn and teach about forest recovery, native plants uses and conservation.

With this program through donations we want to get the necessary tools for field work, get the materials, improve the existing nurseries and support the pheasant in this task.

Our main aim is to establish 1000 nurseries in the next 10 years, plant 1 million of native plants and trees in Colombia. Animals, birds and plants need our help, every support is important!

Tolima Blossomcrown
Black-billed Mountain Toucan
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