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Spot-winged Parrotlet - Santa Maria Dec 2014

Scholarships for Conservation Studies

Scholarships for research projects with threatened species for Bachelor students

Scientific research is one of the most important pillars for the conservation of species; Many of the members of Manakin Nature Tours have worked in scientific research for different organizations and we know that the results of each research are the basis for making decisions that can save populations of threatened species and determine data to understand better the behavior, ecosystems and other fauna that we love and want to conserve.

Manakin currently allocates its own resources that are reflected in money, equipment or support for some projects with different species and threatened ecosystems, however with our scholarship program, we want to make this initiative a formal company program; For this we are creating a bank of projects that have been prioritized by a scientific team allied with Manakin, where through their donations we will support undergraduate students who make good merits, from careers such as biology, ecology, environmental engineering and related, from national and international universities, to develop different studies with threatened species in aspects such as: measurement of population density, habitat use, behavior, evaluation and prioritization of threatened species, etc; The resources will be delivered depending on the quality of the work proposed and will be monitored by a scientific committee allied to Manakin Nature Tours.

Among some of the projects that we currently have are

If you want to support a student to carry out their studies on these threatened species and help their conservation, donate; If you want to receive more information just write to us at

1. Population Status and Conservation Assessment of the new species of Mata Mata Tortoise (Chelus orinocensis) in the Mata Mata Amazon Reserve of the Inírida River Basin in the department of Guainía, Colombia

2. Population Study and Nest Monitoring in two Harpy Eagle populations (Harpya harpija) in Two Bio-regions of Colombia (Chocó and Amazonia) in Bahía Solano and Inirida.

3. Population Status and Habitat use of the known populations of the Spot-winged Parrotlet (Touit stictopterus) in Colombia and approach to strategies for its Conservation

4. Population study and Status of Providence Vireo (Vireo approximans) and San Andrés Vireo (Vireo caribaeus) After the Direct Impact of Hurricane Lota on the Island.

5. Population Status, Ecology and Habitat Use of the Bogota Rail (Rallus semiplumbeus) in the wetlands of Bogotá and specific actions for its conservation.

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