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Classic Pacific Coast & Cauca Valley

Classic Pacific Coast & Cauca Valley

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The jungles of Biogeographical Chocó display exuberant biodiversity of flora and fauna. This zone is one of the most humid on the planet with some places exceeding a water contribution of 16,000mm per year. The tropical humid climate and the constant rains help to maintain a dense tropical rainforest, swamps, and mangroves that host a great deal of biodiversity. The pacific and natural region of Biogeographical Chocó is one of the five main regions of Colombia and the earth´s ninth most biodiverse hotspot. The Isolation from the rest of the country by the uplift of the Western Andes Range constitutes a biogeographical barrier that for millions of years has restricted the connection between species in the humid jungles from the communities living in the low-lying areas, and those from the inland species. This evolutionary scenario leads to a phenomenal speciation process forming specialized niches and restricted habitats that host high levels of endemism and unique biodiversity. This tour promises to be a great birding adventure along with many ecosystems in the Western Range of the Colombian Andes. From the forests of the Andean Highlands and the fog at their peaks to the tropical rainforests that follows the Pacific Ocean coastline, we will have the opportunity to observe many endemic and almost endemic species and to enjoy some of the best hummingbird and Tangara feeders in the country. We will visit wetland areas, cloud forests, tropical rainforests, secondary forests, and dry forests expecting to see at least 400 species in just a few days.

Key Species

 Band-tailed Barbthroat
 Bare-crowned Antbird
 Baudo Guan
 Baudo Oropendola
 Berlepsh´s Tinamou
 Black Oropendola
 Black-breasted Puffbird
 Black-capped Pygmy-Tyrant
 Black-tipped Cotinga
 Blue Cotinga
 Blue-crowned Manakin
 Blue-headed Sapphire
 Blue-whiskered Tanager
 Broad-billed Sapayoa
 Brown and Masked Booby
 Brown Wood-Rail
 Choco Poorwill
 Choco Syristes
 Choco Tinamou
 Choco Toucan
 Choco Tyrannulet
 Choco Woodpecker
 Dusky Pigeon
 Esmeraldas Antbird
 Five-coloured Barbet
 Golden-breasted Tanager
 Gray-capped Cuckoo
 Green Manakin
 Grey-breasted Crake
 Grey-capped Cuckoo
 Half-collared Gnatwren
 Lita Woodpecker
 Long-tailed Pooto
 Multicolored Tanager
 Northern Barred-Woodcreeper
 Ocellated Antbird
 Red-capped Manakin
 Rose faced Parrot
 Rose-faced Parrot
 Rufous Piha
 Rufous-vented Ground Cuckoo
 Rufous-winged Tanager
 Scaly-breasted Wren
 Scarlet and White Tanager
 Scarlet-browed Tanager
 Scarlet-thighed Dacnis
 Short-tailed Night-Hawk
 Slaty-tailed Trogon
 Sooty capped Puffbird
 Sooty-capped Puffbird
 Spot-crowned Antvireo
 Spot-crowned Barbet
 Spotted Antbird
 Streak-chested Antpitta
 Striped-throated Hermit
 Stub-tailed Antbird
 Tawny-faced Quail
 Thicket Antpitta
 Uniform Crake
 White-headed Wren
 White-ruffed Manakin
 White-vented Euphonia
 Yellow-ear Toucanet
 Zeledon´s Antbird


  • Visit the dark sand beaches of Guachalito where the Pacific Ocean extends before a wild jungle mountain and enjoy the waterfalls by the sea.

  • Experience the tasty Afro influence gastronomy of the Pacific.

  • Birding among mangroves in the protected area of Utría cove.

  • Get delighted by colorful birds at several of the best bird feeders in Colombia.

  • Contemplate the most amazing sunsets on the Pacific beaches.

  • Destination
  • Departure / Return Location
    IATA: IATA: MDE - Medellín / IATA: CLO - Cali
  • Tour Code
    This is a fairly standard birding tour with early morning starts and evening finishes to each day. One some days we may take picnic lunches in order to no waste time during the middle of the day or having to leave site. The weather can be unpredictable with rain and sunshine both likely. At higher altitudes it can be chilly. We have an amazing photo opportunity for many species of hummingbirds and other species coming to feeders, we will also be looking for a good number of species that are very rare and seldom seen, but we will be going to areas that hold these sought-after species.
  • Included
    Accomodation in Double Room
    All 4x4 vehicules or boats
    All domestic flights
    All ground private transportation
    All meals B-L-D
    Entrances to all natural reserves
    Hot drinks
    Private transfer Airport - hotel - aiport
    Professional Private Birding Guide
    Professional Private Driver
    Single room - adicional pay
    Snaks and water
    Soda or juice with each meal
    Vegan and Vegetarian menus
  • Not Included
    Activities not included in the itinerary
    Alcoholic drinks
    Colombian Event Insurance
    Extensions of a trip due to circumstances beyond our control
    International flights and taxes
    International phone calls
    Laundry service
    Medical expenses (not covered for evet insurance)
    Room service
    Tips or gratuity

Day 1. Arrival to Medellin International Airport / Medellin
Day 2. Flight to Bahia Solano, birding in El Valle / Almejal Ecolodge
Day 3. Birding in El Valle route to Bahia Solano / Almejal Ecolodge
Day 4. Birding in El Valle on route to Utria National Park / Utria Cabins
Day 5. Transfer on boat to Utria National Park Cocalito Path / Utria Cabins
Day 6. Utria National Park, transfer to Nuqui / El Cantil Lodge
Day 7. El Cantil Natural Reserve (Pacific Coast) / El Cantil Lodge
Day 8. El Cantil Reserve, transfer to Nuqui and Bogota, flight to Cali / Calima
Day 9. Sonso Lagoon, Yotoco Forest / Calima
Day 10. Rio Bravo Natural Reserve / Calima
Day 11. La Minga, Km 18, La Alejandria / Araucana
Day 12-13. Anchicaya / Araucana
Day 14. Dora Feeders, departure to Cali / Cali
Day 15.  Flight to home from Cali

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