Manakin Nature Tours, the best birdwatching and wildlife photography tours in Colombia and Latin America.

Enjoy nature with us! Is not just Birding, are amazing nature holidays!


Enjoy nature with us!

Is not just Birding, are amazing nature holidays

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American Flamingo -Birding in Colombia

Colombian Caribbean Coast Tours

The north of Colombia is a land of contrast, from the dryest area in the country in front of the Caribe, to the highest coastal mountain peak in the world at 18.000ft. and the northernmost extreme extension of the eastern…

The most important river in Colombia es flanked by the branches of eastern and Central Andes, this biogeographical barriers limited the birds distribution and speciation occurs in this valley all the way from south to north, a wonderful trip loaded…

The lowlands of the Magdalena Valley are the perfect habitat for more than 500 species of birds and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta a remarkable neotropical hotspot. Is a perfect trip to increase your checklist and the perfect opportunity…

A birding adventure in one of the most iconic birding places and hotspot. This trip is a great mix of the lowlands in the northernmost extreme of Colombia, dominated by arid shrubbery area and the highlands of Sierra Nevada de…

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