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Enjoy nature with us!

World Biodiversity Day – A natural paradise in Colombia

Colombia is a natural paradise, one of the countries with more richness in terms of fauna and flora in the world. It is one of the most recognized for its beauty and everything related with biodiversity and nature.


*Calculated from the species with at least one biological record in SiB Colombia (Sistema de información de biodiversidad de Colombia / Colombia´s Biodiversity information system). This figure is only an approximation to the known biodiversity richness that our country has and is constantly updated.
Colombia has earned this recognition of megadiverse country, this recognition as one of the most diverse countries in the world is thanks to many reason like: a strategic location in South America, which makes it a tropical country, with access to two seas (Caribbean and Pacific), the three branches of the Andes (Western Central and eastern), the portion of Amazon forest, the Orinoco river basin ecosystems, the Pacific area and the biogeographical Chocó and the isolated mountain ranges like Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, at the end is the complex geography which is reflected in different ecosystems and habitats is home of a large number of living beings.

The top 10 most biodiverse countries 

Colombia ranks third amongst the 10 most biodiverse countries in the world.
Colombia is home to at least 1950 species of birds (number one in the world – 80 endemic species) of which at least 197 species are migratory, 3274 species of butterflies (350 endemic species), 4270 species of orchids (number one in the world – 1467 endemic species), 492 species of mammals (34 endemic), 803 species of amphibians (second in the world – 367 endemic species), 537 species of reptiles (third in the world – 115 endemic species) 2,000 species of marine fish, and 1435 species of freshwater fish (number one in the world – 311 endemic species).  These figures put Colombia on the radar of any observer of nature and converts it into a paradise for naturalists and wildlife photographers, not just because of the variety of landscapes, habitats, ecosystems and cultural, geographic and natural riches, but also because these incredible numbers speak for themselves and will envelop any person in an incredible experience.
Colombia also has the third-highest number of endemic species after Brazil and Indonesia. According to the Humboldt Institute, 14% of all species living in Colombia are endemic species. This means that these species can only be found here. The regions with the greatest concentration of this biodiversity are the Amazon, the Andes, the inter-Andean valleys, and the Chocó region.
To know Colombia is to be surprised by the local diversity, its cultural expressions and its people, it is to watch new and incredible species of birds that are hidden here waiting for us. It is also to contribute to the local conservation processes by visiting sites and places that do not appear on the map but that we support on each trip. We really want to show all our biodiversidity, in every detail, you will fall in love!


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