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Escape to the Orinoco River Basin

Escape to the Orinoco River Basin

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This is one of the newest world-class birding destinations in Colombia, where the influence of the dazzling Orinoco River makes this tour a birding treasure. A great variety of ecosystems between Guainía and Vichada departments places Inírida city in a must to visit location among the most passionate birders in the world. The tour guided by indigenous Turripaco will make this journey, allowing you to explore exuberant forest next to the majesty of the Inírida and Orinoco Rivers

Key Species

 Amazonian Umbrellabird
 Bare-necked Fruitcrow
 Black-headed Parrot
 Blackish-gray Antshrike
 Blue-crowned Trogon
 Blue-throated Piping-Guan
 Bronzy Jacamar
 Brown Jacamar
 Cherrie’s Antwren
 Citron-bellied Attila
 Dot-backed Antbird
 Dot-winged Antwren
 Golden–spangled Piculet
 Green-tailed Jacamar
 Lafresnaye´s Piculet
 Orinoco Piculet
 Plumbeous Euphonia
 Pompadour Cotinga
 Red-shouldered Tanager
 Ringed Woodpecker
 Rose-breasted Chat
 Rufous-crowned Elaenia
 Rufous-tailed Flatbill
 Slender-billed Xenops
 Spangles Cotinga
 Velvet-fronted Grackle
 Verzea Schiffornis
 White-naped Seedeater
 Yapacana Antbird


  • We will visit the Mavecure hills, a marvel of the Colombian Amazon that remains unknown for many people, as is a sacred place for the indigenous communities living around Inírida

  • We will observe the unique freshwater pink dolphins (Boto) while sailing in the Guainía, Guaviare, and Inírida rivers.

  • Sailing and birdwatching within the Varzea forests of the Colombian Amazon

  • Awaken your senses with a real typical indigenous food, right inside the community

  • Destination
  • Departure / Return Location
    Bogota DC IATA: BOG / Bogota DC IATA: BOG
  • Tour Code
    This is a fairly standard birding tour with early morning starts and evening finishes to each day. One some days we may take picnic lunches in order to no waste time during the middle of the day or having to leave site. The weather can be unpredictable with rain and sunshine both likely. At higher altitudes it can be chilly. We have an amazing photo opportunity for many species of hummingbirds and other species coming to feeders, we will also be looking for a good number of species that are very rare and seldom seen, but we will be going to areas that hold these sought-after species.
  • Included
    Accomodation in Double Room
    All 4x4 vehicules or boats
    All domestic flights
    All ground private transportation
    All meals B-L-D
    Entrances to all natural reserves
    Hot drinks
    Private transfer Airport - hotel - aiport
    Professional Private Birding Guide
    Professional Private Driver
    Single room - adicional pay
    Snaks and water
    Soda or juice with each meal
    Vegan and Vegetarian menus
  • Not Included
    Activities not included in the itinerary
    Alcoholic drinks
    Colombian Event Insurance
    Extensions of a trip due to circumstances beyond our control
    International flights and taxes
    International phone calls
    Laundry service
    Medical expenses (not covered for evet insurance)
    Room service
    Tips or gratuity

Day 1. Arrival to Bogota (Sunday) / Night at Hilton Garden
Day 2. Arrival to Inirida, birding in Caño Culebra / Night at Fuente de Guainia (Monday)
Day 3. Birding in Caño Carbon & Sabanitas / Night at Fuente del Guainia
Day 4. Birding in Matraca Trail and Laguna Negra / Night at Fuente del Guainia
Day 5. Birding in Paujil & Caño Cunuben / Night at Fuente del Guania
Day 6. Cerros de Mavecure & Remanso / Night at Fuente del Guainia
Day 7. Caño Vitina, fly to Bogota / Night Hilton Garden
Day 8. International Flight home from Bogotá.

Tour Review Scores and Score Breakdown

Value for Money
Latest comments
  • Dragan Simic

    June 7, 2022
    Overall Destination Meals Transport Value for Money Guia

    Oh, how I dreamed of exploring Amazonia as a little boy. And, as a part of growing up and getting “serious”, I forgot my childhood dreams. They were too childish, right? Yet, I had such a childish smile when we entered the boat for the first time, when I felt the fresh river breeze and when we saw our first Orinoco River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis humboldtiana) right in front of the small harbour of Inirida. Yes, last winter I was on an absolutely incredible trip to the Colombian Amazonia organised by Manakin Nature Tours.

    As air carriers, from Bogota to Inirida, we used Satena Air. Nce in Inirida, we stayed at a comfortable Fuente del Guania Hotel de Lujo, nestled in the deep shade of tall tree-crowns (sometimes visited by macaws, aracaris, etc.). You will love the softness of their beds and the breakfast area in the front yard.

    This is Amazonia of white, sandy beaches (!) and no mud at riverbanks. The most intriguing aspect of local birding is the mixture of the more widespread birds of Amazonian origins and those more localised bird species of Guianan origins.

    Dubbed the Escape to the Orinoco River Basin of Colombia, this one-week and 200+ species long trip uses the riverside city of Inírida as a comfortable single-base to explore the unique mix of birds that occur in the Estrella Fluvial Ramsar site. And I would return there this very moment – highly recommendable!

  • Jared Ranahan

    June 8, 2022
    Overall Destination Meals Transport Value for Money Guia

    I was a part of the Escape to the Orinoco River Basin expedition in August 2021 and it was a truly incredible experience, I’ve traveled extensively over the past few years and this was easily one of the coolest trips I’ve ever taken.

    Inírida is a totally fascinating destination and the accommodations that we had for the trip (Fuente del Guania) were pretty great. The staff are super friendly and the rooms are comfortable.

    I thought that the itinerary was perfectly designed. The days would kick off with an early morning birding expedition nearby, then we would return to the hotel and have some downtime, and then we would set off for a second location for some afternoon birding. Each individual location was well-chosen, ranging from roadside forests to remote waterways that are only accessible by canoe.

    Birding was the main focus of the trip, but the company also worked in some visits to nearby Amazonian communities to sample their local cuisine and learn more about their culture, and we also paid a visit to the Cerros de Mavecure mountain range, one of the natural wonders of the Colombian Amazon. It’s a truly spectacular site to see in person.

    While Inírida is a great destination for birding, the tour was really elevated by the incredible staff that accompanied us during our time in the region. Luis, Camilo, and Moroni are all so incredibly knowledgeable about the avifauna of Colombia and have an incredible eye for birds.

    I saw my first spangled cotinga, white-crowned manakin, and capuchinbird on this trip, as well as some cool non-avian creatures like my first river dolphin and first two-toed sloth. I would absolutely go on another trip with Manakin Nature Tours, they’re an incredible company!

  • Dawn Hewitt

    June 9, 2022
    Overall Destination Meals Transport Value for Money Guia

    What a thrill it was to visit and bird in Inirida! This was my third trip to Colombia (and third with Manakin Nature Tours), and each one has been amazing, well-organized, and extremely birdy! In Inirida, I felt like I was way, way off the beaten path: riding in huge wooden canoes through the dense jungle, surrounded by crazy bird sounds (like the Screaming Piha and Capuchinbird), and monkeys!! We had great looks at Amazonian Umbrellabird, and so many jacamars! Oh, and toucans, and oh, the gorgeous Spangled Cotinga! But honestly, I got dozens and dozens of life birds—good looks, too. Manakin’s guides are top notch, and so helpful, friendly and fun! Our accommodations in Inirida were comfortable, and breakfasts were wonderful. In general, the food was delicious, especially considering that were were in a small town in the jungle! Our boat trip to Mavacure was magical, and getting to visit and have lunch at an indigenous village was fascinating and meaningful. I loved every second of this trip. Would love to return and spend more time in Inirida. We spent three days in the region, and saw and did so much, but it’s clear, we just skimmed the surface of all the birds and wildlife there. I have a feeling, though, that that’s true anywhere in Colombia. But Inirida was so far off the beaten path. What a wonderful experience. I am grateful!

  • Julian Hough

    June 9, 2022
    Overall Destination Meals Transport Value for Money Guia

    I took part in exploring the Kingdom of the Great Snake with Manakin. The Inirida area, nestled close to the Venezuelan border in the transition zone between the real Amazon and the Guianian shield to the north is a place not visited by many birders. The itinerary was well organized, and as someone that has guided professionally, it was nice to be taken care of as a client. Luis, Camilo and Edison took care of all the logistics and everything ran smoothly. I cannot wait to return to Colombia and bird with them again in the future. There are so many great birds to see and a diverse set of habitats that include access by riverboat and canoe that it really made for a wonderful trip, not least by the great people we had on this trip.

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