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Enjoy nature with us!

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Colombian Pacific Coast Tours

The jungles of biogeographical Chocó are an exuberant biodiversity.  This zone is one of the most humid on the planet and is where some places exceed a water contribution of 16,000mm per year.

The Colombian Pacific was a relatively unexplored area until recently, but the opening up of the area has allowed us to discover its diversity, which is still largely unknown to science.

Uraba Gulf is an authentic paradise of biodiversity located between the Pacific and the Caribbean, provides the perfect conditions for an incredible birdwatching experience, covering Humid Tropical ecosystems, Mangroves, and Secondary growth forest, which are home to a large number…

Colombia has a complex and unique topography, geography and geology and this is reflected in a wide range of different ecosystems, due to this variety, the speciation of birds has occurred throughout the territory.

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