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Enjoy nature with us! Is not just Birding, are amazing nature holidays!


Enjoy nature with us!

Is not just Birding, are amazing nature holidays

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Manakin Nature Tours – Global Birdfair 2022

BirdFair has always been very important to Manakin Nature Tours, since 2012 we have participated in this great bird celebration event! These last two years due to the pandemic we didn’t have this important event!
During the 15th-18th of July the birdwatching capital of the world was Oakham, in Rutland, there were 3 days of opportunity to share our birds! In this article, we want to share how was the Global BirdFair for Manakin Nature Tours!
This year Manakin Nature Tours like other years, we had our stand, which was perfect and very beautiful! Being at BirdFair is always fun and a great moment, we were the only Colombian company with our own stand at the event, also representing Colombia, there was the ProColombia (government) stand promoting our country!

Stand – ProColombia

On the first day, in the first hour, a lecture was given by our Marketing Director Edson Moroni, with his presentation about the Pantanal – Brazil a paradise for birds and jaguars! Moroni is Brazilian and from the Pantanal, he has been in Colombia for almost 3 years working for us! He is passionate about his country and the Pantanal, it was a super dynamic and fun talk, showing the beauties of this region that is unique and a dream for all bird watchers and photographers!
For Manakin Nature Tours, Pantanal – Brazil is a great destination that we have been operating since 2019! This year 2022 we have 3 groups full for there (august-october), and for 2023 we have openings for two groups in September/October! Getting to know the Pantanal will be one of the great naturalistic experiences you can have in your life! Watch the video that we presented during the event!
The Global Birding Fair is a time to reconnect with friends, customers and partners! It’s a celebration of tourism, it was a very busy day, with many visits to the stand and hugs and smiles! How good it is to hug our friends after these two years!
On the second day, it was an excellent day, because we had a new presentation by Luis, where we would be telling all our Harpy Eagle conservation project in Colombia, it was very exciting to see the emotion of people getting to know the project and knowing that we are working to promote the conservation of the Harpy Eagle!
Watch the video
This BirdFair was very special, our daughters were present, and seeing them there, learning, and sharing these moments with us is very fun and special, they are participating in our dream being built day after day, and they helped deliver the flyers to our friends was very beautiful to see, these are the reasons for all our dedication to Manakin Nature Tours!
The third day is much calmer, we had the opportunity to talk with friends more calmly, we also visited the stands of other companies and it is very beautiful to see countless companies working for their destinations!
BirdFair is a great event, we enjoyed every minute there, we wanted to thank Tim and all the organizers, and volunteers who made this great event possible! We also thank ProColombia, Fomtur and Acotur for supporting Colombian companies to promote birdwatching tourism!
Until 2023 at Global BirdFair!
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