Manakin Nature Tours, the best birdwatching and wildlife photography tours in Colombia and Latin America.

Enjoy nature with us! Is not just Birding, are amazing nature holidays!


Enjoy nature with us!

Manakin Nature Tours Latin America


The Pacific region is one of the six natural regions of Colombia. It encompasses the entire department of Choco, and the coastal zones of the departments of Valle del Cauca, Cauca and Nariño. It is located on the western area

The Colombian Massif is a territory of 4.8 million hectares, which occupies 4.3 percent of the continental area of ​​Colombia. The massif extends over 89 municipalities in the departments of Nariño, Putumayo, Caquetá, Huila, Cauca, Tolima and Valle. In the

Latin America is made up of countries whose current predominant languages have origins in Latin (Spanish, Portuguese and, to a lesser extent, French).  It is one of the areas of the world with most ethnic diversity, due to the high

The Colombian plains are part of the territory located on the east side of the Eastern Andes, north of the Amazonian basin (the Guaviare river being the natural limit) and its limit on the eastern extremity of Colombia is given

The Amazon region of Colombia or Amazonia is one of the six natural regions of Colombia. It is located in the south of the country limiting on the north with the Andean and Orinoquia regions, on the east with Venezuela,

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