Mitu (AmazonJungle)

The Amazon Jewel / Antbirds Paradise


This is a new destination un the colombian Amazon that will be one of your favorites in the world to biridng after that you visit it! Amazing ecosystems of Terra Firme, White Sand´s, Varzea and Riparian Forest that hide incredible species of birds and biodiversity!

Day 1. Arrival to Bogota International Airport

(2600 m / 8530 Ft - 5-14 °C / 41 – 57.2 °F)


Night in Dann Norte Hotel

HW: Available / Wifi: Available / AC: Available


Day 2. Flight to Mitu (Amazon Jungle)

(200 m / 660 Ft – 25-35 °C / 77 – 95 °F)


Day 3-6. Birding in the Amazon Forest of Mitu (Amazon Jungle)

(200 m / 660 Ft – 25-35 °C / 77 – 95 °F)

Amazon Forest in Mitu all days, different paths and incredible birds (Indigenous communities, birds, landscapes and opportunities to see monkeys and other mammals).

Mitu and the Amazon Jungle around are one of the best places in Colombia to see amazon diversity and birds, with more antbirds that other place in Colombia, Mitu is the best place to see birds of White-sand habitat, Terra firme and Varzea. Many special mammals and birds, indigenous communities and unbelievable landscapes.

We will use amazing indigenous guides trained per SENA institution of the government, in series of trails around Mitu that include Cachivera, Santa Cruz, Momfort, Ceima and others.


Some important birds there include: Fiery Topaz, Streack-throated Hermit, Black-bellied Throntail, Orinoco Piculet, Tawny-tufted Toucanet, Brown-banded Puffbird, Point-tailed Palmcreeper, Lineated Woodcreeper, Stlipple-throated, Yellow-throated, Spot-backed Antwrens, Grey-bellied, Chestnut-crested Antbirds, Imeri Warbling-Antbird, Cithron-throated Attila, Yellow-crowned Manakin, Saffron-crested Tyrant-Manakin, Guian Cock-of-the-Rock, Purple-breasted Cotinga, Pompadour Cotinga, Guianan Gnatcatcher, Azure-naped Jay, Lemon-chested, Brown-headed Greenlets, White-naped Seedeater, Plumbeous Euphonia, Black Bushbird, Amazonas Antbird, Pearly Antshirke, Amazonian Black-Tyrant, Sulphury Flycatcher, Screaming Piha, Grey-legged Tinamou, Festive, Orange-cheeked Parrot, Lemon-throated Barbet, Bar-bellied Woodcreeper, Sungrebe, Blackish-grey Antshirke, Black-throated Antbird, Slaty Grosbeak, Pectoral Sparrow, Grey-beasted Sabrewing, Versicoloured Emerald, Blackish Nightjar, Spangled Cotinga, White-throated Toucan, Green Oropendola, Collared Puffbird, Chestnut, Scale-breasted Woodpeckers, White-plumed, Bicoloured Antbirds, Yellow-bellied Jacamar, Ringed Pipit, White-eyed Tody-Tyrant, Green Manakin, Paradise Jacamar, Black-bellied Cuckoo, Golden-green Woodpecker, Rufous-tailed Xenops, Pink-throated Becard, Wing-barred Piprites, Flame-crested, Green and Gold Tanagers, Cliff Flycatcher, Scarlet Macaw, Amazonia Umbrellabird, Bronzy Jacamar, Spotted Puffbird, Spot-throated Woodcreeper, Rusty-breasted Nunlet, White-chinned Sapphire, Gould´s Jewelfront, Pavonine Quetzal, Red-fan Parrot, Rufous-capped Antthrush and many many more. 


Day 7. Flight from Mitu to Bogota

(200 m / 660 Ft – 25-35 °C / 77 – 95 °F)

We will go to search more birds in some aquatic birds around Mitu, before of the half day we will take a flight to Bogota to finish the amazing tour in Amazon Jungle.

Night in Dann Norte Hotel  

HW: Available / Wifi: Available / AC: Available


Day 8. International Flight to home from Bogotá


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